Overview of belt guides

Plastic instead of metal

Conveyor belts are highly modular and can even be integrated into the most complex systems. Murtfeldt Plastics produces guides for modular belts, manufactured from highly wearresistant, low-friction plastics like Original Material "S"® green, "S" plus+® LF or "S" plus+® ESD. These guides are used as solid sliding bases, and also as CF profiles, slip-on profiles or sliding guides with tongue and groove in a straight or an arrow-shaped arrangement.

You will find our solutions in almost all sectors, in the packaging industry, as well as in filling plants or in the automotive sector.

Guides for modular chains

  • Flat profiles
  • Profiles with hold-down clips
  • Slip-on profiles (C for flat steel)
  • CF profiles
  • Flat profiles with tongue and groove
  • V-shaped flat profiles
  • Solid guides (based on a drawing)