Chain and belt monitors

Chain and belt tensioning systems

Kettenwächter und Riemenwächter aus dem Produktbereich der Murtfeldt Spannsysteme

Both individual and reliable

If a chain has excessive elongation or a break, critical damage can occur. Our chain and belt monitors track the production process and trigger the automatic shutdown of the machine if malfunctions occur. For this purpose, a mechanical limit switch or contact-free inductive switch is integrated into your chain or belt tensioner.

Switch design requirements can vary greatly. Please contact usfor more information. We will design the best solution for yourrequirements.

Inductive switches for Spann-Box®
Alternatively, a contact-free inductive switch can be used. This makes sense if there is a risk of explosion or contamination.Concerns about wear might also result in the use of an inductive switch. Inductive switches can be used for Spann-Box® size 1 and 2. Special models and designs in stainless steel are available on request.