Tensioning systems

Ensure regulated machine operations with Murtfeldt tensioning systems

Tensioning systems - Chain tensioners for roller chains (DIN)

Chain tensioners for roller chains (DIN)

Tensioning systems - Automatic belt tensioners (DIN)

Automatic belt tensioners (DIN)

Tensioning systems - Accessories



Chains and belts are pivotal wearing parts in many plants and machines. Because they are constantly in motion, they are subject to especially high stresses and strains. Belts require pre-tensioning and chain links stretch, causing increasingly turbulent movement.

Murtfeldt tensioning systems reliably keep chains and belts at the correct tension and thus increase their lifetime. They have proved their worth around the world over decades of use. Our past experience means that we can provide optimum advice and supply the best possible solution on every occasion.

Wide range of products - extensive warehouse

Thanks to our diverse range of different tensioning systems, we can meet practically any requirement quickly and accurately. If you require a custom solution, our consultancy service will gladly provide free, non-binding advice whenever you need it.

One more thing: We supply all tensioning systems with a declaration of installation in line with the Machinery Directive EC 2006/42/EC.

The advantages of our tensioning systems

  • Smooth chain path
  • Reduction in wear on chain joints and drive sprockets
  • Reduction in working noise
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Equalization of chain and belt extension
  • Use as chain and belt guard
  • Deflection of chain and belt drives
  • Small overall size
  • Simple assembly
  • Quick and safe detection of need for adjustment via optical control display

Murtfeldt Spannsysteme: Kettenspanner und Riemenspanner für Maschinenbau und Anlagenbau, Antriebstechnik und Fördertechnik