Murpec® FDA-approved
Murpec® natural [FS]® EU compliant FDA-approved

Production based on PEEK

This material at a glance

Material characteristics

High wear resistance Electrically isolating High compressive strength Good continuous temperature behaviour

Available colors


In comparison with other thermoplastics, Murpec® has an exceptionally low thermal expansion coefficient. This property provides optimum dimensional stability and means that dimensions do not change even if used in wet environments. Because of the high glass transition temperature, the material’s rigidity and strength are retained almost in their entirety even at high temperatures. Murpec® materials are extremely resistant to deformation and exceptionally abrasion-proof.

Special characteristics

  • Good wear resistance
  • Low expansion coefficient
  • Electrically isolating
  • High temperature resistance
  • Flame resistant
  • High compressive strength
  • High resistance to energy radiation
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and heating steam
  • Approved for use in the food industry (EU and FDA)


Murpec® Beige
  • Sliding guides
  • Cog wheels
  • Parts subject to temperature stress

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