Chapters of success

2015 Murtfeldt Plastics receives the Marketing and Innovation Award 2014

The Marketing Club (MC) Dortmund presents the Marketing and Innovation Award 2014 to Murtfeldt Plastics on 7 May 2015. With this award, the Club is honouring the Dortmund company in particular for its clear commitment to its base in Dortmund, underscored by its long-term investments at the site. 

Recognition is also being given to the particular culture fostered within the company, which sets a benchmark in terms of comprehensive environmental management and exemplary employee involvement and support and training.

June 2014 Murtfeldt celebrates birthday party

Because of its birthday and finalization of its major new build and renovation project Murtfeldt invites all employees and their families for a big summer event with live acts, catering and sightseeing trips through Murtfeldt buildings.

June 2014 New administration building is finalized

Murtfeldt launched the finalization of its major new build and renovation project. This offers ample space and modern working places for the administrative team and also for additional staff in the medium term. In parallel to this modernisation, the high-bay warehouse is also being largely converted into a fully-automatically operating warehouse without high-bays.

April 2014 Murtfeldt takes over former chocolate factory

Murtfeldt Kunststoffe is acquiring the company land and premises of the former Van Netten chocolate factory. It has now have the fantastic opportunity of further developing and expanding the location in Dortmund-Brackel. By purchasing Van Netten's premises, Murtfeldt Kunststoffe is expanding its production area by 30,000 square metres. The entire surface area of the land amounts to 80,000 square metres.

2013 The Dortmund location continues to grow.

The expansion of the Dortmund-based parent company has been consistently promoted over the course of decades. From a single production hall in 1973, Murtfeldt has grown to encompass nine halls that cover a total of 17,000m2. The office accommodation has also been continuously modified to meet demands.

2008: Construction of new premises for Murtfeldt Plasty, Czech Republic

The generously-sized new construction on the northern outskirts of Prague provided space for 1,800m2 of production room plus 700m2 of management accommodation. Under the management of Libor Galatik, custom finished parts are milled, cut, planed, drilled, and turned here in accordance with customer drawings; in addition, parts are machined on CNC machines. Murtfeldt Plasty procures standard products and semi-finished products for further processing from the parent company in Dortmund.

2004: Murtfeldt's 50th birthday

50 years of Murtfeldt: The company organized parties for employees and all-year-round competitions as well as publishing a 32-page anniversary brochure that documented Murtfeldt's success story during its first 50 years of business.

1999: Construction of new premises for Mata, Holland

Murtfeldt reacted to the positive business performance of Mata by providing new premises to accommodate the subsidiary. 2,400m2 of production and warehouse space and 400m2 of office space, an extensive warehouse, and an equally generous machine pool enabled quick delivery times. These facilities also helped Mata to provide its primary service feature - individual consultancy for customers.

1994: DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

As early as 1994, Murtfeldt gained DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, thus consolidating its high quality standards. The Dortmund-based plastics expert was also one of the first companies to pass an environmental certification audit in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.

1993: Founding of Murtfeldt Italia, Italy

In 1993, Murtfeldt Italia was founded in Varese, to the north of Milan. The Italian machine construction industry was already among the global leaders, and Murtfeldt products were therefore urgently needed in situ. To stimulate competitiveness and enable quick reaction times, an extensive warehouse was needed as well as a plastics processing plant in Varese. Murtfeldt Italia quickly acquired a significant market share.

1992: Opening of Murtfeldt Plasty, Czech Republic

The subsidiary Murtfeldt Plasty was founded in 1991 and was intended to act as a trading and contact partner for the Eastern European market. The Czech and Slovakian market enjoyed continual development and demand grew. Soon, Murtfeldt Plasty rose to the challenge of establishing its own production plant.

1989: Opening of Mata as subsidiary in Holland

In 1989, Murtfeldt acquired the Dutch company Mata, with whom the company had already been working since the late 1960s. Under the management of Jan Paulides, the company quickly developed into an important supplier of technical construction plastics and custom machine parts made from plastic for the Dutch machine construction industry.

1973: Construction of operational headquarters at their current location

Murtfeldt purchased a new plot of land in Dortmund-Brackel. In 1973, the first phase of construction was built on this plot. Finally, Murtfeldt had all the prerequisites in place in order to be able to attune its production and warehousing facilities to enable the continual development of the company. Further construction phases were added step by step. In the meantime, Murtfeldt had become a specialist in plastics with excellent glide properties and high abrasion resistance.

1969: Relocation to Dortmund-Barop

In 1969, Murtfeldt purchased premises in Dortmund-Barop, to be used from then on for the Production and Sales departments and to accommodate the management. The relocation was intended to provide sufficient capacity for many years to come; however, thanks to successful growth, the company outgrew the new buildings in three years.

1963: Start of in-house production

In-house production was kicked off in 1963 with the acquisition of a circular saw. Initially, Murtfeldt's production plant was housed in a converted bakery in Moltkestraße in the eastern sector of Dortmund city centre. Murtfeldt soon developed from a purely commercial enterprise to a fabricator. In the 1960s, Murtfeldt completely discontinued its trade in other industrial products.

1958: Introduction of Original Material "S"® Green

In 1958, the triumphal procession of a unique, ultra-high molecular polyethylene began: Original Material "S"® Green. This green plastic is characterized by extremely good wear resistance properties and excellent acid resistance. The material takes its name from its colour. Because of this material's high resistance to chemicals, its first applications were primarily developed in the steel industry. However, since the material is highly abrasion resistant and has extremely good slide properties, Murtfeldt Original Material "S"® Green was soon implemented for machine construction.

1954: Formation of company

In 1954, Germany won the World Cup for the first time. The same year, Fritz Murtfeldt founded a commercial enterprise with the aim of marketing industrial items of all types for mining and heavy industry. At this time, the use of plastics in machine construction was still unheard of. In special cases, laminated densified wood was used for machine construction applications where plastic would come to be used later on. In comparison with the present situation, the company was built up in extremely primitive conditions but with a full complement of enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. In the early days, products were delivered to locations in Dortmund by bicycle.